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Comprehensive Emergency Management Program

Severe Disruption Events can seriously harm your business operations. If you are responsible for protecting a major organization with either one or multiple locations, you will need access to live up-to-the-minute information that identifies threats for each and every one of your locations, letting you know threat levels to personnel, property and operational infrastructure. The Comprehensive Emergency Management Program (CEMP) from Early Alert ensures you identify, respond, manage and resolve severe business disruptions fast.


Monitoring risk each and every location 24/7

Many of our clients have several hundred locations across the United States of America, which means risk and threat levels vary dramatically based on region and site function. Understanding how to identify and monitor potential business disruption events is of the utmost importance.

Resources at the ready for rapid action when needed most

What do you do and who do you call when disaster hits? With a CEMP from Early Alert you are not only in a constant state of readiness, but fully supported with a plan for immediate recovery encompassing all the relevant support and emergency services required to reach speedy resolution.

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