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Between Government & The Private Sector

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Client Services Pledge

Client Services Pledge

Our pledge to you is that …

  • Our first and foremost mission is to assure total customer satisfaction.
  • We will be available at all times for your needs, and will communicate clearly and promptly.
  • We will provide consistent, value-added services by way of innovation offerings.
  • We will maintain the highest levels of professional education, experience and skills to serve you.
  • Your ability to prepare yourself for any disaster will continuously improve.

And you can expect ...

  • Transformation from client to lifelong business support partner.
  • That we will request your feedback, and solicit it regularly.
  • Us to earn your respect as the leader in the Emergency Management industry.
  • Reassurance that you are receiving the LOWEST competitive pricing for the HIGHEST value of our professional services.
  • Complete and guaranteed satisfaction.

Strategic Assurance ...

  • Perspective: EA team members represent a broad range of experience from almost every all-hazard disaster management discipline. Their perspectives enhance the coordination of every aspect of your response and recovery mission.
  • Access: Our clients have direct access to EA senior team members for the duration of the project to address concerns, answer questions, and ensure that our teams communicate openly, that the partnership works effectively, and that your agency has complete satisfaction with our work.
  • Network: EA team members are nationally respected subject matter experts. We leverage the resources and expertise of the team to provide innovative ongoing solutions for your agency's Disaster Preparedness, Response, Recovery and Mitigation efforts.
  • Risk Management: The EA team conducts a risk analysis on each phase of the engagement to identify risks and implement strategies to mitigate them.
  • Quality Assurance: The EA senior management team makes available our guidance to your team, ensuring that the engagement stays true to the agreed scope, as well as performing pre-submission checks to make complete, accurate deliverables.