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Siberian Ice

Siberian Ice© PC-16 Sub-zero PacksSiberian Ice 

Created by T.C.I.P., Siberian Ice© PC-16 Sub-zero Packs are capable of maintaining any freezer or insulated cooler at sub-zero temperatures (-16°C/3°F) for an extended period of time by means of a simple non-hazardous chemical reaction. The packs are reusable, non-toxic, environmentally friendly AND can be stored in and out of a sub-zero freezer for many years.

The non-hazardous chemicals in a Siberian Ice© PC-16 Pack will begin to absorb energy within minutes of the pack being placed into a sub-zero temperature freezer. Simply placed the Siberian Ice© into a freezer for a minimum of 48 hours prior to first use (-19°C/2°F for best results), or store the Packs in youSIr sub-zero freezer year-round. Whenever an unexpected, long term power loss occurs, the Siberian Ice© PC-16 Sub-zero Packs will instantly emit sub-zero temperatures and maintain the frozen foods for an extended period of time.

Within a day of it's use, you will see that the Siberian Ice© PC-16 Sub-zero Packs can be reused hundreds of times without any loss of performance.