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Describes current developments or general trends regarding threats of terrorism.
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80% of businesses affected by a natural disaster either never reopen or close within 18 months. Businesses without a Continuity Plan have a less than 10% survival rate after a major event. Most companies don't have a plan in place to leverage SITUATIONAL AWARENESS or manage their risk during and after a disaster. It's too difficult to filter available information, specifically how it may or may not impact their organization.TC

Proactive companies seeking to insulate themselves from these risks take the important step of aligning with an organization that can help them anticipate, react to and recover from these types of events. This also gives them an edge over competitors who lack the foresight to plan for these inevitable risks.

By partnering with Early Alert, you will substantially minimize the loss of life and property, reduce the risk of injury and improve the likelihood that you will not only recover, but survive.