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Continuity of Operations Planning and Continuity of Government

The disaster/emergency management and business continuity communities are comprised of many different entities. These include government at all levels (e.g., federal, state/provincial, territorial, tribal, indigenous, and local); business and industry; non-governmental organizations; and individual citizens. Each of these entities has its own priorities focus, unique missions and responsibilities, varied resources and capabilities, and operating principles and procedures.


Early Alert and All Hazard Training is a leading disaster and emergency management consulting firm comprised of an elite team of some of the most widely respected professionals in the industry. We offer unparalleled, hands-on experience in the fields of public and private sector continuity planning and management. Each of our staff of experts represents decades of actual practice in their individual hazard management specialties. With over acentury of combined practical know-how, we have the expertise and skill to deliver the highest quality services and products.


Continuity of Operations (COOP) are activities of individual departments and agencies and their sub-components to ensure that their essential functions are continued under all circumstances. This includes plans and procedures that delineate essential functions; specify succession to office and the emergency delegation of authoBCPrity; provide for the safekeeping of vital records and databases; identify alternate operating facilities; provide for interoperable communications; and validate the capability through tests, training, and exercises.


Continuity of Operations Plans ensures the safety of employees and the resumption of time-sensitive operations and services in case of emergencies.


Continuity of Government (COG) is the preservation, maintenance, or reconstitution of the institution of government. It is the ability to carry out an organization’s statutory responsibilities. This is accomplished through succession of leadership, the pre-delegation of emergency authority and active command and control. read more


Plans for continuity of operations, continuity of government and continuity of business are generally similar in intent, and less similar in content. Continuity plans have various names in both the public and private sectors. These include business continuity plans, business resumption plans, recovery plans, and others.


Objectives of a COOP Plan

  • Ensure the safety of staff and visitors.
  • Provide for the ability to continue essential operations.
  • Contain provisions for the protection of critical equipment, records, and other assets.
  • Maintain efforts to minimize damage and losses.
  • Contain provisions for an orderly response and recovery from any incident.
  • Serve as a foundation for the continued survival of leadership.
  • Assure compliance with legal and statutory requirements.

Early Alert assists jurisdictions and businesses prepare to continue their minimum essential functions throughout the range of possible threats from natural disasters through acts of terrorism. Our Continuity of Operations (COOP) planning facilitates the performance of State and local government and private sector services during an emergency that may disrupt normal operations. We will work with individual departments and agencies to ensure a coherent and coordinated effort when dealing with emergencies. This is accomplished through the development of plans, comprehensive procedures, and provisions for alternate facilities, personnel, resources, interoperable communications, and vital records/databases.

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