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Situational Awareness & Critical Decision Support Services

Complete, accurate and up-to-the-minute situational awareness is essential for those who are responsible for the security of complex, dynamic systems in high-risk situations.


Situational awareness is the ability to identify, process, and comprehend the critical information about an incident as it unfolds. More simply, it is knowing what is going on around you. Situational awareness in a critical situation requires continuous monitoring of relevant sources of information regarding actual incidents and developing hazards.


Early Alert's Critical Decision Support Service (CDSS) provides information and guidance [to your decision makers] during times of imminent threat from natural, technological, and manmade accidents or disasters. The recommendations we supply are based on realistic assessment of the likelihood of hazards and vulnerabilities applicable to your unique organizational arrangement and geographic location, to help protect your personnel and critical infrastructures.


Maintain Command and Control using your Common Operational Picture

If you or your organization becomes threatened by or exposed to a hazard, Early Alert experts can help you maintain situational awareness and make effective decisions by developing a common operational picture (COP).

The COP is a single display of all relevant (operational) information, which our clients rely on too monitor, respond to, and manage any situation. When a credible threat occurs, our team promptly conducts a threat assessment to provide you with a COP and immediate protection recommendation(s). We communicate directly with your identified point of contact through phone, email or other applicable methods with alerts, updates and special bulletins. This action is supplemented by personal consultation with Early Alert's staff of leading experts in emergency management and meteorology.

Besides the COP and recommendations, Early Alert can provide a number of e-products to suit your specific requirements. Backed by the best minds in the industry, Early Alert tailors all of its products to the needs of each customer, including the wide array of email and web based products -- no "one size fits all" mentality here! In addition, Early Alert will provide a web page linked to your web site(s) containing specific recommended actions to safeguard against impending hazards.


To expand your situational awareness and reinforce the common operation picture, we provide Flash Alerts, Bulletins, Updates, Summaries and Special Reports for:

  • Severe & Winter Weather
  • Tropical Cyclones
  • Windfields, Storm Surge and Inland Flooding
  • Earthquakes and Tsunamis
  • Wild Fires
  • Major Transportation Incidents
  • Homeland Security and Terrorist Threats

Situational awareness is essential for the decision-maker to maintain continuity of operations and to fulfill command and control requirements. Complete, accurate and up-to-the-minute situational awareness is essential for those who are responsible for the security of complex, dynamic systems in high-risk situations.


Early Alert's situational awareness services enhance the command and control and decision-making process by helping users keep abreast of rapidly changing conditions, execute operational plans, and prepare for future actions. It facilitates secure, real-time communications including mission planning and orders dissemination, two-way messaging, and data transfer.

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