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Susan Rinaman, Global Sr. Manager Business Continuity and Crisis Management, CREWS l Qurate Retail Group

Thanks so much for your advice (Hurricane Beryl and HSN) this morning! ... Great to have you guys as partners!

Tim Hallice, Dir. of Risk Management, Sonic Automotive

Thank you Early Alert – you are your team made huge positive difference in last year (2017) Hurricanes and continue to do so….

Rod Little, CFO HSNi

We want to express our deep appreciation for your support of HSNi during Hurricane Irma. Your expertise, overall perspective and calming influence gave clarity to the situation and allowed us to make big decisions very quickly.

Our response went extremely well. We were able to continue our business in the face of great adversity and above all our employees felt supported and taken care of.

None of this would have been possible without you and your team at Early Alert.

We very much hope that we don’t have another storm, but if we do, we would want Early Alert as our partner.

Terry G. Ford, Chief, Fire and Emergency Services, Tinker AFB, Oklahoma

All Hazard Training, a Division of Early Alert, Incident Management Team Sustainment Training Exercise "A rigorous and demanding challenge for old and new teams alike, pushes you to your limits and identifies areas for improvement."

Chris Canoles, former Sr. Director of Loss Prevention, Home Depot

I have known the professionals at Early Alert for almost a decade. They were able to customize their program to provide serious weather related warnings to corporate, field, and store management. In addition, they provided Situational Reports on natural and man made disasters to help make business decisions. Finally, Earl Alert completed site specific risk assessments on each location to help prepare for and react to weather related incidents. The professionals at Early Alert have been outstanding business partners and always willing to go the extra mile.

Diane Lyles, BB&T Corporate Business Recovery Planning Manager, VP

Early Alert is providing all services needed by BB&T effectively and efficiently. We are pleased with the quality of customer service and response to inquiries or changes. The content of reports is very informative.

Rob Shelt, Palm Beach County, Division of Emergency Management

Thank you for doing such a great job facilitating the FAC Workshop in PBC. Your team was able to pull a lot of good information from our stakeholders that will be valuable in writing the FAC plan.

Jeffrey M. Goldberg, FPEM, CHS-III Planning Manager Palm Beach County DEM

... I wanted to tell you that so far I am impressed with the responsiveness and professionalism that Bob (AHT/Early Alert) has shown thus far.

Robert Stefano, Deputy Chief Services/Fire Marshal, Orange City Fire Department, CA

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you both for an excellent experience last week. Your AHIMT O-305 Course, was conducted in an excellent fashion and provided all of us with a wealth of knowledge. Oh yes, and you two made the course all the more worthwhile. Thanks again!

Dennis Beyer, Program Manager OK-IMT

I would like to thank you and your team of instructors for a job well done on the O-305 course held in Oklahoma City last month. The level of instruction was excellent, the instructor experience was impressive, and the professionalism displayed by every member of your team was of the highest caliber.

In addition, the comments from the students during the course were all positive and I continue to hear more good things. I’m sure I’ll hear even more in the future on the value the course provided for the Oklahoma IMT Program.

Finally, the written individual team member feedback your instructors submitted to me at the end of the course provided valuable information that will help make our program stronger. You and your team have helped the IMT’s in Oklahoma go to the next level! Thank you for imparting your IMT experience, knowledge, and wisdom with the folks in Oklahoma.

I look forward to working with you again in the future.

Veronica Anderson, CEM, FPEM, South Florida Water Management District

All Hazard Training provided training on the Resource Unit Leader Position which was hosted at the District’s Headquarters in West Palm Beach, October 22-24, 2013. The class consisted of participants from the District as well as local and Federal representatives.

The Instructors conducted the course in a professional manner and the comments from participants at the end of the course were consistently rated excellent. It was very evident that their many years of experience and their seasoned instructional skills directly contributed to the success of this course..

Although the class size was somewhat disappointing, this allowed for active engagement and discussions with the students. The information and materials gained from the course will allow the District to begin its process of documenting and tracking resources during an event. I certainly appreciate all your assistance and your willingness to provide such a valuable resource to the District. It’s great to know you are always there as a partner.

Please pass along the District’s “thank you” for a job well done to the Instructors and a special “thank you” to your staff for all their assistance. Thanks again.

Bill Bell, CFO, MA Dept of Elementary & Secondary Education

Early Alert Inc. is a truly professional organization with practitioners highly skilled in their areas of expertise. I welcome the opportunity to work with the Wagner family and the Early Alert team.

David Halstead, former Director, Florida DEM

I have known this company leadership team for more than 20 years and they are all highly respected in the field of emergency management and emergency services. Their innovative approach to the solving of complex problems and then training other organizations... their approach has been widely accepted in the field of response and recovery.

Sammy Boehms, President at Southeast Project Management

The Early Alert Team has provided us very accurate and prompt service for all natural disaster events. Their Incident Management Team is the best in this field and can not be matched ! If your company is looking for the proper training and expert advice, you do not need to look anywhere other than Early Alert.

Don Mothena, Program Director at FPL

Early Alert has a broad range of expertise that can handle any emergency management need, from severe weather to radiological emergency preparedness. The are fully capable of supporting NGO and governmental agencies alike.

MAJ Keith J. Haviland, California National Guard

Thank you again for coming out this last weekend (on such short notice) and helping train the California National Guard LNO team.

Your method of instruction, materials, background, and ability to impart your knowledge was all first rate!

We welcome the opportunity to bring you back in the future.

Judy Wolf, National Business Development Manager Adjusters International

William Wagner III is one of the most dedicated and hard-working disaster recovery professionals in the industry. Not only is he a leading subject matter expert with decades of hands-on experience, he is also 100% dedicated to fulfilling his company's obligations to our mutual clients. Our strategic partnership is based on long-established trust that comes from delivering on our promises -- no matter what. No one is better at this than William! It is an honor to work with him and with his company, Early Alert, in meeting the comprehensive needs of our clients.

Diane Lyles, BB&T Corporate Business Recovery Planning Manager, VP

Thanks for your 'watch' over our footprint throughout this. Very helpful and the warnings right on target. This is a good report to see where we could have impact especially for employees. ... Again thanks!

Brian Veale, Asst Chief of Ops 128th ARW USAF ANG

A Top notch, profession​al and rock solid EM company!!!​ Brian Veale Asst Chief of Ops 128th ARW USAF ANG

Don Horton, No Stress Management

I have used Early Alert since their very beginning. The owners and operators, sponsors, and staff are precise and professional. These guys know the importance of accurate and timely information and THEY DELIVER!

Major Cook, Cook County Police Department, GA.

I have attended approximately 5 of these type courses and this was the clearest one as it related to course content. I was well pleased with the tabletops. They were well thought out and the students were allowed to execute them. The feed back provided by the instructors allowed for education and growth while instilling confidence in the student.

David Martinez, Division Chief - San Antonio Fire Dept., TX.

We would like to express how valuable the training your company provided was to us as we managed the onslaught of evacuees that arrived from New Orleans. Shortly after your class, San Antonio was faced with thousands of Hurricane Katrina evacuees. The size and scope of this operation was unprecedented in our city. In the course of 72 hours we prepared 4 buildings to use as shelters and received, unloaded, delivered and processed over 12,000 evacuees without any of the problems that we had seen in New Orleans and Houston (i.e., long lines, no food or water, rioting, etc.). The emergency response personnel who had received your training were utilized as part of our Incident Command Team and they performed exceptionally. I'm convinced we would have been much less successful without your training. Thank you.

Don Horton, CBO, CFM, Retired Building Official, Islamorada, FL Owner/Operator No Stress Property Management Inc.

I have known the major contributors of this website for 15 + years and I can say that they are the "cream of the crop' when it comes to hurricane information. This website is a culmination of many years of hard work, dedication and knowledge in the field of emergence management and early warning those of us who are plagued by hurricanes, YEAR AFTER YEAR. Keep up the good work and thank you for a trusted site for us to turn to...

Deborah Williams

I believe your website to be extremely informative, up to date, thorough, and all inclusive. I can find everything that I need to know about weather, including storms, severe weather, and especially inclement weather. I have a husband as well as a friend and a father-in-law who travels to the northeast weekly and in the winter time, your website is invaluable to me in tracking snow, ice, and inclement weather for them....and ME! I, too, have a sister and brother-in-law who live near Miami, Florida and being able to look at up-to-date information regarding hurricane activity and movement toward the Florida area gives my entire family and extended family enormous comfort and security as it allows us to know how to react to help them! Thank you for providing such a website as there are people out here, ie: US! that need it greatly in our everyday lives! Sincerely Yours,

M Johnson, FL.

"Thank you very much, being that this is my 2nd hurricane season here in Florida... your information is right on the money... I do check out for information, but I like the way that the information is sent to me not having me look for it... lets just pray that this season is a very mild one... for all... thank you again, respectfully

Fabio Vasquez, FL.

I lived in St Augustine Florida and think this is the greatest thing in showing where the weather is going, how strong it is and gives me a better idea if I should stay or leave, way ahead of the local forecast, THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE." - J Din, FL. "Thanks for the timely feed back . Your prompt and accurate report. It is comforting to know we can depend on this kind of service during the hurricane season. Thanks

Martha Kile

Very vital to our operations. It helps us to prepare for the needed work for the day and to alert our crews what to expect. The reports are a part of our safety factors in the information given." - George Gabriel, Op Mgr. Solid Waste, North Miami Beach, Florida "Because of this Awesome website and emails. I was able to let my sister know ahead of time that Hurricane Jeanne was on its way, she and her son had time to get out of Florida and come up here. She wasn't going to come but as Jeanne got stronger, she decided it was time to leave. She went back home yesterday, well at least she thought she was going home, but she had no home to go was gone, so without this website and emails she might have stayed home and been killed. Thank you!

Jimmy Mackey, SC.

Just got my first "Early Alert" message. It's very cool! I've been getting alerts from but they are just text messages. Yours is much better with all of the maps and links. Thanks for providing this free service."- Betty Owen "Absolutely think this is a fantastic, informative and well versed alert system. Use it all the time, especially when hurricane system is upon us here in South Carolina. Please keep up the great work.

Barbara Mullenix

I really like the alerts I get from you. As clear as NHC, but you put the pictures right there so I don't have to search for them. I also like the fact that you highlight (in yellow) the areas of importance, rather than having to read through information that is not as important to me. Thanks.

Roger l. Mercer, Transportation manager

Great, keeps me informed and I've found your information to be very accurate!!!

Alice Baird, City Clerk, City of Anna Maria

We found Early Alert invaluable. We work on Anna Maria Island and want to thank you so much for keeping us informed on Charley. It missed our Island thank goodness! God bless our fellow citizens of Florida!

James DeCocq, Moyer & Associates

Excellent personnel who go out of their way to assist clients. Thank you for such a great experience!

J. Shaw, Ontario, CANADA

Your first newsletter is absolutely terrific! it's choch-a-block full of 'science', which is in short supply these days! Congrats!

Mike Hodges, Jasper County Emergency Management, Jasper County South Carolina

This is very good; it is a very useful tool.

Brian Thomason, Assistant Vice President, Grubbs Emergency Services, LLC

As promised, Early Alert, Inc. contacted our firm with preliminary reports as the storm (Isabel) began to mature. Early Alert began providing reports to our clients who potentially would find themselves in the impact area. This information proved to be invaluable for our client's in the Region. Not only did Early Alert give our company storm guidance that gave us enough lead time to meet with our client's a week prior to landfall, but they also provided those same client's with the necessary information to track the storm's progress, monitor its intensity and evaluate the impact it would have on their community. This proved to be priceless.

Our company, through the support of Early Alert, Inc., was able to immediately respond and support eight jurisdictions in the Region. Early Alert was vigilant in providing email updates to these jurisdictions throughout landfall and when the winds subsided. I cannot thank Early Alert enough for their support during the onslaught of Isabel. Your "user friendly" updates quickly gave all recipients the critical information needed for planning efforts and decision-making processes. Further, the response/feedback of our client's to this support has been incredible. Hopefully, it will be a long time before we are faced with a storm such as Isabel; however, we stand ready to respond anywhere at anytime with full confidence knowing we have the support and guidance of Early Alert, Inc. Keep up the phenomenal work! - Emergency Management & Business Continuity. Providing disaster and continuity of operations and consulting for governmental agencies and corporations. We offer unparalleled, hands-on experience in the field of public safety, contingency development, emergency management, disaster operations, business continuity, all hazard training and loss mitigation. covers USA, Mexico, United Kingdom, Japan, Caribbean and South Korea : - Situational Awareness Disaster Planning - Hurricane Tracking.