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Providing Solutions for your
Disaster Preparedness/Crisis Management Success

Working together to build, sustain and improve your capability to prepare for, protect against, respond to, recover from and mitigate all hazards.

Disasters, whether natural or manmade, can happen anytime and anywhere, without warning: an earthquake, a hurricane, a tornado, a fire, a hazardous spill, a biohazard incident or even an act of terrorism or pandemic. If your business or agency were faced with an unexpected disaster, would you be totally prepared?

At Early Alert, we make sure the answer is a resounding, "Yes." Our team offers clients full-service emergency management consulting, situational awareness, emergency/disaster planning and all hazard training curricula. We work with both government agencies and corporations to ensure that they are aware of all possible disaster hazards and have the proper resources and protocols in place to minimize potential risk and mitigate potential losses.

“360° all hazard protection - Situational Awareness | Emergency Management | Continuity Services”

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Comprehensive Emergency Management Program

Comprehensive Emergency Management Program

The Comprehensive Emergency Management Program (CEMP) from Early Alert ensures you identify, respond, manage and resolve severe business disruptions fast.

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Business Continuity, Resiliency & Contingency Support

Business continuity encompasses planning and preparation to ensure that an organization can continue to operate in case of serious incidents or disasters and is able to recover to an operational state within a reasonably short period. Let us show you how.

read more seprater Extreme Weather Services

Extreme Weather Services

Early Alert provides "real-time" global, severe weather consulting for all types of weather to include inland and coastal floods, winter weather, ice storms, blizzards, wildfires, hurricanes and other tropical cyclones. Weather Forensic & Post Storm Analysis - review claims related to severe weather conditions, verify information provided by involved parties and increase your ability to detect fraudulent activity.

read more seprater Situational Awareness & Decision Support Services

Situational Awareness & Decision Support Services

We provide 24/7 global watch for all extreme hazards (Weather, Earthquakes, Terrorist/Unrest, Tsunamis, Major Transportation Incidents). Our Decision Support Services assist you with maintaining Continuity of Operations. Complete, accurate and up-to-the-minute information, Situational Awareness is essential for those who are responsible for the security of complex, dynamic systems in high-risk situations.

read more seprater " tornadoAlert "   -    Advanced Severe Weather Detection

" tornadoAlert " - Advanced Severe Weather Detection

HAVE A PLAN, AND SAFE PLACE AND TIME TO GET THERE! World's most accurate home severe weather alarm. NASA-proven methodology. Warning you when a tornado is up to 30 miles away. Warning you up to 30 minutes sooner than existing systems. Warning you accurately 95% of the time vs 25% for existing systems...

read more seprater All Hazard Incident Management Support Team (IMST)

All Hazard Incident Management Support Team (IMST)

Our team can provide IMSTs to support and augment staffing for your response and recovery initiatives. This service allows your agency to maintain continuity of operations while effectively managing the incident. IMST specific positions include: Emergency Support Function (ESFs) positions, ICS Operations, Planning, Logistics and Finance/Admin Sections, all based on need and the level of your response and recovery.

read more seprater All Hazard Training

All Hazard Training

Training your staff to respond properly to an emergency in accordance with your disaster plan is essential to successfully weathering a crisis situation. Our all-hazard training services can prepare your organization to deal effectively with emergencies or disasters arising from natural and man-made hazards.

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